Inking The Red Skull and Reviewing The Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

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Inking Sonic the Hedgehog (on paper) and Coloring it in Clip Studio Paint

Another lighthearted art demo. The Sonic movie comes out tomorrow, so I inked Sonic the Hedgehog traditionally, with brush pens, then pulled it into Clip Studio Paint to color. I talk a little bit about my technique and tools with Run Red Run while I work, but we also discuss video games, hedgehogs, and mustachioed plumbers.

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Reviewing the Pilot Shinpitsu Bristle Brush Pens (and inking a Sleestak)

Yeah, maybe I buried the lede. I inked a Sleestak from The Land of the Lost with the Pilot Shinpitsu Bristle Brush Pens. I liked ’em. But if you wanna see ’em in action, just check out the video. And, besides the pen review, RunRedRun and I talk about ’70s Sci-Fi Kids TV hit, The Land of the Lost because why not?


Inking The Mummy

Time for another 6-minute video where I ink a monster and RunRedRun and I talk about stuff. This time, it’s mummies. Are they scary? What are their monster powers? Spoiler alert: We have no idea. But here’s me inking one anyway (with PIGMA Brush Pens and PITT Artist Pens).

Inking Khan

I’ve been uploading some quick, short inking/making videos on YouTube lately that show my process. Here’s the latest. Six-and-a-half minutes of inking Khan while my needle-felting friend Michelle and I talk about Star Trek. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel to see stuff like this every Monday and Thursday (time willing).

Inking The Headless Horseman

I’ve been trying to upload some quick inking/making videos on YouTube lately that show my process (albeit, at breakneck speeds). So here’s the latest. Seven-and-a-half minutes of inking the Headless Horseman while gabbing about our favorite versions of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Happy Halloween (ten months early). -v

Collaboration: Needle Felt & Paper Clay Snowman

Hey, here’s something different. My friend Michelle (Run Red Run) was at my studio this past holiday season and we thought it might be fun to collaborate on a little project — just to see how it’d turn out. So I designed this good-natured snowman.Michelle’s been needle-felting wool for a number of years, so she sculpted the body of the snowman, while I tried my hand at sculpting and painting the paper clay accessories.This was only my second paper clay project, but I had a blast trying to figure it all out and I hope to do more.The whole thing — our first practical collaboration — was lots of fun and we recorded the whole process too. Sometimes it’s just nice to try different mediums or a different workflow to help spark more creative ideas. Here’s the 8 minute video from YouTube:

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