“Vince Dorse is one of the most versatile illustrators of the modern age.”

You know who wrote that quote? Me. And it’s awesome. When I’m not writing awesome quotes about myself, I’m drawing illustration after illustration in a vain attempt to lose weight in my fingers.

Most of my work is geared toward the children’s market, but you’ll find some humor and fantasy mixed in as well. If you’d like me to illustrate something for you, please get in touch.

Vince Dorse
PO Box 79121
Pittsburgh PA 15216

my various websites:

You can find my children’s illustrations on my official website: www.vincedorse.com

You can see a broad sampling of my fantasy, humor and kid’s stuff right here at www.vincedorse.wordpress.com

I also work on an award-winning webcomic, Untold Tales Of Bigfoot, which will be available in printed book form in late 2016: www.untoldtalesofbigfoot.com

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