Untold Tales of Bigfoot by Vince Dorse Wins Reuben for Best Online Comic, Long-Form.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot wins NCS Reuben for Online Comic Long-Form

Untold Tales of Bigfoot started in August of 2012 as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could create a comic, upload it weekly, stay on deadline, and improve my skills as an artist and storyteller.

By the end of that year UTOB had been nominated for a Cartoonist Studio Prize for Best Webcomic 2012 from The Center for Cartoon Studies and Slate Book Review, as well as a National Cartoonists Society Divisional Award for Best Online Comic, Long-Form, 2012. While the Cartoonist Studio Prize eluded us, UTOB did win the NCS’s Divisional Reuben for Best Online Comic, Long-Form. What a fantastic first year.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot is an all-ages adventure about a lost puppy, a lonely Bigfoot and the true meaning of friendship. While the story continues it will update every Wednesday at untoldtalesofbigfoot.com

Untold Tales of Bigfoot Banner

Yellow Brick Road

My take on the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. My accompanying Haunted Forest illustration is not quite as cheerful…

The Haunted Forest

Flying monkey attack! A black-and-white accompaniment to my Yellow Brick Road illustration.

Parade Day

Ah, those sweet summer days filled with ice cream and marching band music…

Shirley Temple

An illustration for a mixed-drink directory.

Shirley Temple (b/w)

A black-and-white version of my Shirley Temple illustration.

It’s just no fun without you.

“It’s just no fun without you.”  A melancholy take on the ol’ barrel of monkeys.