First Time Craft: Sculpting With Spackle?

This month Run Red Run and I are doing a series of four videos where we’re working with a new craft or technique or material in each one. For week three, She and I made a creepy witch’s tree out of — well, out of a lot of stuff. Wire, foil, paper, glue… And as a surprise, last-ditch shot in the dark, spackle, of all things.

All four of the videos connect back to that Witch House we built last year. That was our first “build” of any kind, and we always wanted to add onto that build as we learned more skills. So, we’re finally getting around to it.

The tree is about a foot-and-a-half tall, and we started the process by twisting three different sizes of armature wire into a basic tree shape. This part was a very loose, free-form wire sculpt that, for a couple of first-timers, came out pretty good. After that we wrapped it in foil, just like bulking out the armature of any clay sculpture.

Then, for the bark, we tried a tissue-and-glue method we’d seen people use on trees like this, but it didn’t give us the control we needed to sculpt the bark. Clay would work, but might make the tree super heavy. So we settled on spackle (or joint compound) and gave it a shot. Turns out, it’s not just for patching holes. You can actually sculpt with the stuff!

You can watch us build the tree from start to finish in the quick video below. Don’t forget, all of these First Time Craft videos lead to a final video next week where we put all the items we made together into one project— Witch House Part 2: The Witchening. See you next week for the finale.

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