First Time Craft: Hot Wire Foam Cutting

This month Run Red Run and I are doing a series of four videos where we’re working with a new craft or technique or material in each one. For week two, She and I sculpted a witch’s well out of insulation foam using various hot wire foam cutting tools, and carved the axe handle (for the first time ever) with a Dremel rotary tool.

All four of the videos connect back to that Witch House we built last year. That was our first “build” of any kind, and we always wanted to add onto that build as we learned more skills. So, we’re finally getting around to it.

One of the tools I tried out was a hot wire foam engraver. It’s basically a hot piece of metal that melts grooves into XPS foam. I thought it’d be an interesting way to carve stonework into this well.

Run Red Run and I also used a foam cutting table — kind of a hot wire, strung vertically over a flat surface that you drag the foam over while the wire cuts/melts into it. We used that to cut out the main structure of the well, and the flat ‘boards’ of the well cap. It was out first time working with tools like these, and we had a lot of fun.

Don’t forget that all four of these videos, aside from being linked to each other, and to that Witch House build, are building to a final video where we put all the crafts and items we made together into one project. We’re having fun calling that project Witch House Part 2: The Witchening. Now here’s the video of us working on the well.

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