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Giving MediBang Paint a try

I recently watched a review of a drawing app called MediBang Paint by Brad Colbrow and thought it looked pretty good. An app that’s set up for the iPad Pro/Pencil setup but also a desktop application. And best of all, it’s freeeeeee! So I figured I’d give it a try.  Since I’m new at this program, I thought I’d start off slow and just doodle canine superhero, Underdog.


I’m really just getting started with this program but, as you can see, MediBang a very simple, clean interface. Most of the elements you’d expect in a drawing app are there.


Looks like the color slider works in an RGB colorspace, as I’d expect for a simple, free app. The brush/tools palette has a decent number/selection of brushes and tools. I haven’t sampled many of them yet, but I plan to. The preview palette gives you just what you need, as well as easy to access size/opacity controls. And since a layers palette is a necessity for me, it’s nice to see MediBang provides one.


So, for this quick Underdog doodle, I decided to try a few different inking brushes. The “Pen” tool has a nice, smooth line, and the “G-Pen” had a rougher edge. Both were fine for variable weight linework controlled by pressure, but I’d like to experiment more with the app. Maybe see if there’s a way to customize the brushes a little.


I’ll admit, I only tried out the “Watercolor” tool to color this piece. It felt…well, not really anything like watercolor. But it got the job done in a smeary, blendy kind of way. For a few minutes I tried the “Watercolor (Wet)” tool and that seemed a little softer, more transparent and, possibly, closer to a watercolor feel. But that’s not what I wanted for this illustration.


And there he is. No need to fear. Underdog is here. I ended up using “Pen (Fade In/Fade Out) for those lines denoting brickwork. The tool is very similar to ClipStudioPaint’s  “For Effects Lines” brush in that it gradually fades in and out after you lay down the stroke. A handy brush to have. Overall, Medibang Paint is a simple app to use on the desktop. I don’t have an iPad Pro (yet!) but when I get one, I’ll likely download the mobile app. And you should consider it too. Like I said, it’s free! And that’s hard to beat. -v


2 Responses

    • Well, thanks! Someone I follow on Instagram has been sketching Underdog a lot lately so when it came time to doodle something for this experiment, I guess he was just stuck in my head. Glad you like it. -v

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