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Untold Tales of Bigfoot, Page 62 process

page 62 from Untold Tales of Bigfoot, process stepsHappy New Year! There’s a few more of you following the blog this week, so I thought I’d dig around and see if I had anything to post. I found these images from a comic page I did a couple years ago, and I thought I’d break them down in a little more detail.page 62 from Untold Tales of Bigfoot, process stepsRoughs: These are the roughs. The very rough roughs. This stuff was scribbled on napkins, in sketchbooks, and on printer paper when I was trying to figure out what the page was going to be about. I was still hammering out the story here, so a lot of these panels are just free-floating thoughts that I scanned and rearranged in Photoshop.page 62 from Untold Tales of Bigfoot, process stepsPencils: After I got the images in the order I wanted, I printed it out and put it on a lightbox to trace a more polished version. Why bother? Because I really like working with pencil on paper. I know I could’ve imported it into MangaStudio (and these days, I might…depending on time), but I like the control and tactile feel of pencil on paper. Once the roughs were tightened up, I scanned them in.page 62 from Untold Tales of Bigfoot, process stepsInks: Okay, here’s a minor shocker. These inks weren’t done in MangaStudio or even Photoshop. In fact, most of the inks from Untold Tales of Bigfoot were done with a custom brush I made in Corel Painter. Yeah. It’s rare that I find anyone who inks in Painter (and you should see the way people screw up their faces into a grimace when I admit UTOB was inked in Painter) but the truth is, with a little tweaking and time, you can build the brush you want with almost any decent software program. I still prefer the look of the line in Painter to what I’ve turned out in MangaStudio, but I’m always working toward making my lines better. So maybe MangaStudio will be my preferred inking program eventually. And nobody said I couldn’t have two favorites.
page 62 from Untold Tales of Bigfoot, process stepsScript change: You can see the difference in the staging and dialogue between my roughs and the finished inks. That’s because I wrote all these pages as I was drawing them, and the story stayed pretty fluid up until the last minute. In this case, originally, I was going to lead into a page about Bigfoot’s ever-growing vocabulary. Interesting plot stuff, sure, but I felt like the story needed a little jump. So, instead of the language thing, I came up with a deadly peril for the guys to face on the very next page, and ended up changing the pencils to set that up. (If you want to see why Bigfoot was being so cautious, here’s the next page)page 62 from Untold Tales of Bigfoot, process stepsFinished colors: As usual, I colored the page in Photoshop. With this comic, I just used flat, hard-edged brushes. No blends or gradients. It’s the look I wanted. Simple and retro. As for how I laid down that color — everybody does this differently, so you can find a way that suits you best, but I usually set it up with the character flats/highlights on two layers above the background flats/highlights. It just gives me more wiggle room to make changes. And I’m always making changes straight up until upload day.page 62 from Untold Tales of Bigfoot, process stepsOkay, that’s it!  Hope 2016 is a good one for you! -v


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  1. Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you have a Happy New Year, too!

  3. Happy New Year to you too.

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