Hide And Squeak: Puzzle And Process

I’ll take you through my very simple process on this illustration — which I did just for fun — but here’s the puzzle and key all in one image in case you wanna try to solve it. (I threw a couple tough ones in there for the real pros!)

Hide and Squeak illustration, puzzle

Like I said, I did it just for fun (and practice) but I went the whole nine yards and scratched out a quick poem and 2-page spread layout. Yeah, that’s what I do for fun. Page layouts. Anyway, here’s the spread (and after that, I promise I’ll finally show you a couple process steps).

Hide and Squeak illustration, puzzle and poem

Okay, so here we go. A very simple process. All of the linework was done in MangaStudio because I really love their pencil tools. They feel natural, they look natural. Some of these lines started out a different color, by the way, and changed as I decided which colors would go in the piece, but you get the general idea.

Hide and Squeak illustration, puzzle, pencils

The colors were done in Photoshop (because I still don’t dig the meager CMYK functions in MangaStudio). I used mostly standard brushes that come with the program, at varying levels of opacity, and just painted in the lines. As I said, very simple.

Hide and Squeak illustration, puzzle, coloring process

Last thing I did was to use a pencil tool to draw in some creepy spiderwebs, shivery lines and droplets of fear sweat.

Hide and Squeak illustration, puzzle, details

Remember, always add those little touches of personality or it’s just another run-of-the-mill drawing of your standard elephant tiptoeing through your basic haunted house. -v

3 Responses

  1. Does the elephant have a name? I think we should name him. He’s so cute!!

  2. Meh…he looks like an Orville to me. -v

  3. Orville sounds good.

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