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Peter Pan (Hidden Objects) MangaStudio Process

Here you go. 15 hidden objects in this Peter Pan illustration that shouldn’t take you too long to find. Click the image to embiggen. And after you kill that minute, if you want to stick around, I posted some process steps below.

Hidden Objects Puzzle with Peter PanSee? Told you it wasn’t that difficult to solve. Neither was putting the whole thing together. Here’s a quick walk-through…

Peter Pan rough sketchFirst thing’s first. A pencil sketch to get the general idea down on paper. I could’ve done this in MangaStudio with sketch tools but I was on the couch and didn’t feel like getting up.

Peter Pan digital pencilEventually, I got off the couch and scanned in the drawing. Then I used a pencil tool to refine the shapes. The linework’s a little heavier than I normally prefer, but I wanted to make sure the hidden shapes had easily identifiable outlines.

Peter Pan foreground colorKnowing the background would be dark blue/green, I started painting the warm foreground colors with chalk and pastel brushes. I used a blending tool sparingly because I wanted to get as much texture out of the brushes as I could.

Peter Pan background colorOnce the colors for the background were blocked in, I trashed the outlines of those back trees (they were only placeholders), then added some texture with watercolor wash brushes and bristle brushes.

Peter Pan detailIn this detail of the finished illustration, you can see I used an effects brush to paint in some pixie dust, then ran some levels/colors adjustments over the whole thing. And that’s it. Just having a little fun in MangaStudio.-v


3 Responses

  1. I found all! 😛

  2. Congrats, Unbolt! I tried not to make them too</i hard — I don't want people rioting if they can't find a mushroom — but hopefully it was a little bit of a challenge. Thanks! -v

  3. I love looking for things. 🙂 Brilliant!

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