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Fishin’ Buddies : MangaStudio Process

Fishin' Buddies by Vince DorseFishin’ Buddies is my latest experiment in MangaStudio 5. Much of this piece was done using custom brushes designed by Ray Frenden. Let’s take a look…


Fishin' Buddies rough sketch by Vince DorseThis is the rough scribble I sketched on printer paper. I scanned it in and used the Layer Color option in MS to turn the image into a blue tracing layer.


Fishin' Buddies pencils by Vince DorseI used a couple different tools to draw this tight sketch — the Rough Pencil tool that comes standard with MS, and the 2B Real Pencil from Frenden.  Both great tools with a nice, natural feel. TIP: The fishing rod and some of the boat planks were drawn with the help of MS’s Curve Ruler tool.


Fishin' Buddies process by Vince DorseHere’s a quick rundown of the Frenden brushes I used for the background elements: The clouds were done (mostly) with Frenden’s Concept 5 brush, the trees were done with a High Res Splatter Wash brush, the hills were layered with various Watercolor and other textured brushes, and the sand on the beach was a very gritty Grease Pencil over a Watercolor base. I was just digging through the toolbox, trying out brushes, layering textures and mixing different digital media to get the look I wanted. All told, I must’ve used ten or fifteen brushes, just throwing color on the canvas to see how it turned out.


Fishin' Buddies process by Vince DorseThe water started as a blue/green gradient, topped with some rough-edged wash brushes to hide the mechanical look of the gradient. For the highlights I used a very light touch with a pencil tool, alternating with a stock airbrush tool for softer highlights.


Fishin' Buddies process by Vince DorseMost of the other objects in the piece were done with textured brushes of one type or another. Frenden has a lot of nice bristle brushes that can emulate the surface of wood or the texture of fur really well.


Fishin' Buddies detail by Vnce DorseHere’s a detail of the piece (color adjusted in Photoshop). You get a better look at some of the texture you can achieve with MangaStudio. I should mention how useful MS’s blending tools are. Those stripes on the cat were just soft pencil strokes blended and blurred with standard tools. Again, I bumped up the levels and adjusted the colors in Photoshop (The finished piece is up at the top of the post) but 95% of the work was done in MangaStudio.


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