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The Lodger : Process

So here’s a character I designed for an upcoming project. The Lodger. He’s a creepy guy who hangs out in cluttered attics. So, totally autobiographical. Anyway, he was created almost entirely in MangaStudio and I posted some of the steps below.

The Lodger by Vince Dorse

Rough Sketch: I scribbled down the idea for this piece in my sketchbook. You can see I still hadn’t decided where to put the coat rack, and at one point I thought a full-length mirror would be nice. I nixed the mirror because I didn’t want to have to worry about drawing all the reflections.

The Lodger: rough sketch by Vince Dorse
Pencils: I scanned in my rough sketch and used it as a guide to lay down my perspective rulers in MangaStudio. Then I used the blue layout pencil to draw a more polished sketch and rough in the objects of the room.

The Lodger: blue pencil line by Vince Dorse
Inks: The inks were done in MangaStudio (mostly G-pen and bucket fills). Sometimes I left the rulers switched on when I wanted the lines to conform to the perspective grid, other times I’d switch them off if I wanted a more organic line. The finished, colored with a combination of MS’s watercolor and pastel tools, is up top.-v

The Lodger: inks by Vince Dorse


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the insight! I have yet to delve into Manga Studio in any meaningful way (I do have it, but find it kind of intimidating). The perspective rulers thing is neat — saves a lot of tedious taping on of extra paper and fiddly use of long rulers!

  2. You hit the nail on the head, Karen. The long rulers…the taping “vanishing points” to my drafting table…enough! The ruler tools in MangaStudio are incredible time savers. Definitely give them a shot! Thanks! -v

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