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Sidekick Quests Fan Art Process

James Stowe is the creator of Sidekick Quests, a webcomic about teen adventurers whose every move is decided by the roll of a die. Here’s his character, Janice, in the midst of yet another impossible battle.

Sidekick Quests JaniceAnd here’s my take on Janice. I purposely stepped away from James’ clean, cartoon designs and went old school Sunday comics. I posted some basic process steps below.

Sidekick Quests Fan Art by Vince DorsePencils were roughed in on paper, scanned, and then some digital scribbles to flesh out the shadows.

Sidekick Quests pencils by Vince Dorse
Inks were done in Manga Studio. I’m enjoying inking in that program.

Sidekick Quests inks by Vince Dorse
Flat colors are the next step, and then some basic modeling of the figures and background. I used some custom brushes in Photoshop for the shadows and textures. You can see in the finished version up top that I also added some wear to the piece to age it a bit.-v

Sidekick Quests flat colors by Vince Dorse


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