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Rock And Tin fan art process

Here’s a quick run-through of some fan art I did for Tom Dell’Aringa’s webcomic, Rock And Tin. I wanted big, bold areas of black and white, so the pencils were staged with big shapes playing off each other.

Rock And Tin pencils by Vince DorseI wanted to make it look like a short-run, self-published comic book cover, but with the bombastic sensibilities of a vintage Marvel cover; dramatic poses, blurbs, overwrought quotes — the whole shebang. So that meant big blocks of digital ink and action lines. I also had fun fiddling around with this logo idea, a literal interpretation of the title.

Rock And Tin inks by Vince DorseFinally, I layered on some wear and tear (from files of rips and wrinkles I made years ago) and just kept tweaking it until it looked like worn, pulpy paper yellowed with age. And that’s all there is to it. You can check out Tom’s comic over at rockandtin.com.-v
Rock And Tin aged tones by Vince Dorse



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