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Haunted Mansion comic process

This is a one-pager I did for my mom’s birthday card. If you want to see it full-size where it’s easier to read and see details, I’ve posted it at my Comic Art Tumblr. But if you want the skinny on my process, my first step was sifting through a bunch of my old vacation photos to get some reference for the landmarks. I wanted the backgrounds as authentic as possible, but I penciled the figures very loose, deciding to refine those during the inking process.

Haunted Man/Son pencilsInks were done in Manga Studio. I thought this project would be the perfect opportunity to finally experiment with the Perspective Rulers. They’re great for keeping things in perspective. A very promising start so far for a tool I was unfamiliar with,  but I want to keep experimenting with them.

Haunted Man/Son inksMost of the colors were done in Manga Studio. These are the flats, no “mood lighting” or modeling on the figures.

Haunted Man/Son flatsAnd here’s the final piece. Like I said up top, if you want to see it at a larger size, check it out on my Comic Art Tumblr. -v

Haunted Man/Son final colors


2 Responses

  1. Looks great, Vince! I gotta check out the perspective rulers on MS. I have that program, but, like you, I’m more familiar with PS.

    Also, how did you change from the flat colors to the final? For example, your shirt is orange in the flats but then look muted/darker in the finals. Did you put a semi-transparent layer of purple over the whole page? Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Joseph! Yeah, those perspective rulers were helpful. But I still want to investigate all the other rulers MS is loaded with. Seems like a really robust program once you start digging around.

    And yeah, in the final colors, the three panels that take place inside the gloomy mansion were shifted to have more blue/purple in the balance. I think I added a blue overlay. Good eye! -v

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