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My first official Peduto for the Pittsburgh City Paper

Mayor Peduto Gun Bill editorial illustrationHuzzah! Even before Bill Peduto became Mayor of Pittsburgh I’d been hoping to land an editorial assignment where I got to draw him. It finally happened this week and I actually got to draw two Pedutos! There’s absolutely zero politics behind my elation — he’s just fun to draw.  The illustration accompanies a Pittsburgh City Paper article by Rebecca Nuttail, if you’d like to see what it’s all about. Lisa Cunningham art directed this and I had a blast drawing it.

Here’s the final color version of the piece as well as the uncolored inks and a close-up detail. Inks done in MangaStudio 5, colors done in MS5 and Photoshop (still experimenting). Whether this guy ends up being a great mayor or not, I hope this is the first of many Pedutos for me. -v

Bill Peduto Gun Bill editorial illustration b/wPeduto close up detail



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